Here at Slater’s Exeter Auto Repair, we offer safety and emissions inspections, also known as a state inspection as it is required by our governing body. While they may seem like an inconvenience, it is all in an effort to make sure that drivers in Rhode Island are making use of vehicles that are both safe and environmentally clean.

The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Slater’s Exeter Auto Repair can help you with all your state inspection needs. This includes frequently asked questions but if you are interested in doing some research beforehand, all you need to know is located on the state sponsored website:

Failed State Inspections Exeter, RI

If you fail your inspection, you will need to have it repaired by a CIRT (Certified Inspection Repair Technician). This is a technician that has proven their ability to diagnose and repair exhaust and safety related systems when it pertains to your vehicle.

You may be eligible for a free inspection if you bring your vehicle back to the location where you originally had it tested within a 30 day window.

The state inspection here in Rhode Island is required every two years, so if you are new to Rhode Island and more specifically to Exeter, be sure to come by our shop and we will be happy to perform a state inspection on your vehicle.

Then all you have to do is remember that the inspection needs to be completed before the last day of the month listed on the sticker. We are proud to be part of a program that helps keep our air breathable and our roads as safe as possible. Our community can have peace of mind knowing that fellow drivers have had their vehicles inspected within in the last two years.

Be sure to give us a call, stop by our shop or schedule an appointment online anytime you may have questions about Rhode Island’s safety and emissions inspection program.

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