Brakes are often taken for granted but they are a part of the vehicle we use more often than our car keys. They help us avoid road hazards as well as obey even the most rudimentary traffic laws. They are most important safety feature your vehicle has to offer.

How often should you change your brake pads? This depends on several factors including your driving habits, obviously the more you drive the quicker they will wear simply due to use but if you drive at high speeds and often come to a screeching halt, they will wear down much faster.

There are often several warning signs that will manifest when it is time to change your brakes, the most common is a high-pitched screech or squeal. This is because some brake pads have a metal filament embedded within them to serve as an early warning system. This noise will indicate that your brakes are getting low and should be inspected.

Brake Pads Exeter, RI

Brake pads are meant to wear down. They help reduce heat and friction, which in most cases can be your car, truck or SUV’s worst nightmare. They are also more adept at helping you come to a complete and safe stop where metal to metal contact would be far less reliable. In fact, if you were to allow your brake pads to wear through, the metal in your braking system would make contact causing parts to warp and become unreliable.

Brake Flush Exeter, RI

Brake flushes are a preventative maintenance service which keeps the acidity level of your brake fluid low. After time the fluid in your brake lines because acidic due to exposure to oxygen and contaminants. This acidity will eventually eat away at the more vulnerable parts of your braking system which can lead to more costly repairs.

We can easily check the acidity of your brake lines anytime you come in for a repair or maintenance service.

Let us know whenever you have questions about how to best maintain or repair your braking system and we will be happy to take care of all your automotive needs!

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