Here at Slater’s Exeter Auto Repair we know what unique challenges drivers in our area face on a seasonal and daily basis. We have long winters and short summers which can often times take its toll on your vehicle. That is why we pride ourselves on staying on top of the automotive repair industry to best serve our customers and community. Our aim is simple, we want to promote and honest and family friendly atmosphere at our shop as many in our community are already aware. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we truly appreciate their business.

Whenever you feel that your car, truck or SUV may not be driving as well as it should or you experience an odd noise or a strange smell let us know and we’ll be happy to take care of all your automotive needs. While we are here for you anytime you need a repair, we are also willing to provide you with a maintenance plan that will hopefully help keep more costly or involved repairs at bay. Be sure to ask us about preventative maintenance and how it can help ensure that your vehicle is both safe and reliable.

Oil Change Exeter, RI

The oil in your engine serves both to clean and protect one of the most vital components in your vehicle. Regularly scheduled maintenance such as checking and replacing both your oil and your oil filter will allow our helpful and friendly technicians inspect the components in your engine compartment that are subject to wear and tear.

Catching leaks in hoses or cracks in belts while they are still manageable can save them from becoming larger problems later down the road. We can’t stress enough about how regularly scheduled maintenance is the most time and cost effective way to keep your vehicle running at its peak level of performance.

So if you ever have any questions about how to best maintain or repair your vehicle, no matter the make or model, feel free to give us a call, drive on into our shop or schedule a time on our website for a day that works best for you!

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